A business starts with an idea, but is protected and sustained by good legal structures.

If you are involved with a business – looking to start one yourself, advising family members, or working in an organisation where you have been exposed to certain legal aspects – you may have been drawn to studying law to better understand the important mechanisms and structures that are involved in business operation, including:

  • Choosing the right entity to run the business – sole trader, partnership, or corporation
  • Implementing good tax planning – to maximise profits and meet all obligations
  • Understanding how to grow your business – and the obligations and benefits of appointing agents, franchising, and licensing intellectual property
  • The difference between enforceable obligations (contracts) and well-meaning emails.

Students interested in starting, running, understanding, or advising businesses – no matter the size – will learn in Law of Associations the difference between the different business structures, and the obligations and benefits of each.

Tax planning starts with a good foundation in Taxation and Revenue Law, while Commercial Transactions and Intellectual Property help students understand different ways of protecting business ideas and growing businesses. And of course, Contracts covers how to create binding legal obligations with your suppliers and your customers.

Plan on studying one or two individual subjects to get a firm handle on the legal aspects that matter to you and your role now, or complete the entire Diploma in Law to change the direction of your career.

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  • Law of Associations
  • Taxation and Revenue Law
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Contracts