Dispute resolution: legal problem solving

If you (or someone close to you) have ever been involved in a dispute, you will be familiar with some of the methods available when it comes to resolving a legal issue… View more >>

Commercial law: protecting businesses and their ideas

A business starts with an idea, but is protected and sustained by good legal structures… View more >>

Wills and estate planning: preserving wealth

Increasingly, accountants and financial planners are expected to understand the legal complexities of wills and estates in order to properly advise their clients…View more >>

Contributing to the community: giving back

A central part of the legal profession has always been about giving back.

One of the defining ideas of a profession is that an educated person accepts the responsibility of using their education for the benefit of their clients, but also for the benefit of the community as a whole… View more >>

Life as a lawyer: it can be anything you want it to be

The hallmark of life as a lawyer is its variety. Once you are qualified, you will have the power to design the shape of your professional life… View more >>

Practising lawyers: extending your current legal knowledge

The legal landscape is forever changing, which means lawyers need to undertake study on a regular basis to keep up to date with changes and maintain their eligibility to practice in NSW… View more >>