If you (or someone close to you) have ever been involved in a dispute, you will be familiar with some of the methods available when it comes to resolving a legal issue. Chances are this experience may have led you to consider a career in dispute resolution – and the Diploma in Law will help you achieve that goal.

Not every matter goes to court – and often it is better for all parties concerned if conciliation and mediation (alternate dispute resolution procedures) can be used to resolve an issue instead.

Our students prepare to represent clients in court through subjects such as Evidence and Practice and Procedure, but also for alternative dispute resolution through subjects such as Commercial Transactions and the Family Law elective.


Common disputes

The law provides a mechanism to resolve a broad range of disputes – both within and outside the court room, including:

  • Insurance payouts – for work injuries or motor vehicle accidents
  • Disputes with government agencies about benefits or debt repayment – such as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or the Robodebt system
  • Contract disputes – from small claims to major commercial or building contract breach issues
  • Consumer claims – for faulty products or poorly delivered services
  • Medical negligence
  • Custody disputes.

To find out more about:
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Family Law
  • Industrial
  • Torts
  • Administrative Law and Taxation
  • Contracts
  • Commercial Transactions and Competition and Consumer Law
  • Health Law
  • Family Law.

Pursuing dispute resolution as a career

To fully understand the legal rights which need to be protected in these types of disputes, students will study some of the following subjects:

  • Industrial Law – work injuries
  • Torts – all injuries including work, motor vehicle accidents and medical negligence
  • Administrative Law and Taxation – disputes with government agencies and the ATO
  • Contracts – disputes
  • Commercial Transactions and Competition and Consumer Law – consumer claims
  • Health Law – medical negligence claims (with Torts)
  • Family Law – custody disputes.